Rhinoplasty or a nose-job, as it is popularly known, is a surgery to modify the nose to make it more proportional with other facial features. This surgery is effective at reducing or increasing nose size, changing the shape of the tip or the bridge, narrowing the span of the nostrils, and even changing the angle between the nose and the upper lip. In some cases, the procedure may also be prescribed to help relieve some breathing problems.

For patients suffering from a birth defect, injury to the nose, or a cosmetic flaw, nose surgery is a safe solution to achieve an aesthetically pleasing profile and balanced facial aesthetics.

The decision to have cosmetic surgery is a very personal one. A person can go through a varied gamut of emotions from pre-consultation jitters to post-surgery blues to elation. If you have a ‘big appearance’ date in mind, schedule your visit to Clinic Dermatech six months or a year in advance. Depending on the procedure/s chosen, results can either be immediate or take up to a year to fully show.

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Disclaimer : Results may vary from person to person depending on factors, such as; skin type, skin sensitivity, complexion and follow up of treatment and precautions taken before and after treatment.