Club CD

Clinic Dermatech is proud to presentClub CD, a unique rewards program for our loyal and valued customers. You can now earn points on all our award-winning services and products. These points can be redeemed for savings and exclusive benefits on future visits to Clinic Dermatech.

We’re pleased to announce our membership levels. With every purchase at Clinic Dermatech, you will accumulate points. And with each successive membership level, you will enjoy enhanced rewards, benefits and offers for savings.

Club CD has 3 levels of membership: Classic, Gold and Platinum. Platinum is the highest tier. The eligibility for each level depends on the spend at Clinic Dermatech over the last 2 years.

Threshold of spend at Clinic Dermatech over the last 2 years


Under ₹ 2.5 lakhs


₹ 2.5 lakhs and over, but below INR 6 lakhs


₹ 6 lakhs and over


Discover the privileges of each membership level: Classic, Gold and Platinum.

Earn Points on every Spend at Clinic Dermatech @ 4% @ 6% @ 7%
Members-only Offers Yes Yes Yes
Exclusive Previews - Yes Yes
Members-only Events   - Yes Yes
Preferred Appointments* - - Yes

*Subject to availability

Got questions? We’ve got answers:


Q. How to join Club CD?

A.   Membership is quick, easy and free. The moment you make your first purchase at Clinic Dermatech, you become a member of Club CD.There are no cards and no passwords to this program.  You may contact our team at the clinic at any time to find out your points balance.

Q. How to earn Club CD points?

A.   Whenever you pay an invoice in full, you will earn points as per your membership level. Your points will automatically get updated in your Club CD account - there are no cards and no passwords to this program

Points will be calculated on the net paid amount (before tax amount) only

Points will not accrue on partially paid bills. All points will be calculated and accrued once the invoice is fully paid.

Q. How to redeem Club CD points?

A.   Each Club CD Point is equal to INR 1.

Club CD Points can only be redeemed towards service/package invoices on the next visit to Clinic Dermatech. Club CD Points cannot be redeemed towards product invoices.

At the time of settling your service bill, you may ask for your points to be consumed towards payment. A minimum account balance of 1000 points is required before the first redemption transaction.

There is no upper or lower limit to how many points you can redeem at one time.

Club CD Points cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other ongoing promotional offer or sales

Club CD Points are non-transferable, and have no cash value.

Q. Do Club CD points expire?

A.    Yes, unused Club CD Points will expire 24 months after you earn them.

Q. Can Club CD memberships be upgraded and downgraded?

A. Your Club CD membership level will be automatically upgraded when you cross the threshold spend cumulatively over 2 years.

After review, your membership level will be downgraded to the preceding tier if your cumulative spend at Clinic Dermatech over the last 2 years falls short of the required threshold amount.

If there is no purchase in the last 1 year, your membership level will be downgraded to the preceding tier automatically

Q. Do I need to renew my Club CD membership annually?

A. As of now, Club CD memberships will be renewed automatically every year.


Terms and Conditions
The following provisions form the basis of Club CD - Clinic Dermatech’s Loyalty Points Program. Your participation in the program will be governed by these provisions, and it is your responsibility to read and understand all of them. For more information, please contact us at
Accrual & Redemption 
  1. For Classic Members: Earn 4Club CD Points for every Rs. 100 (Rupees Hundred = Four Points) spent at Clinic Dermatech Clinics or its affiliated franchise in Agra
  2. For Gold Members: Earn 6 Club CD Points for every Rs. 100 (Rupees Hundred = Six Points) spent at Clinic Dermatech Clinics or its affiliated franchise in Agra
  3. For Platinum Members: Earn 7Club CD Points for every Rs. 100 (Rupees Hundred = Seven Points) spent at Clinic Dermatech Clinics or its affiliated franchise in Agra
  4. Each Club CD pointaccrued is valued at Rs. 1 (One Point = One Rupee)
  5. Redeem only up to 30% of invoice value using accrued points on Clinic Dermatech treatments and homecare products
  6. Redemption of points is not valid during sales offers and events
  7. Accrued points cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash
 General Terms and Conditions*
  1. Club CD - Clinic Dermatech’s Loyalty Points Program and its benefits are offered at the discretion of Clinic Dermatech Pvt. Ltd. (the “Company”) and its affiliated franchises, and the company has the right to terminate the Program or to change the Program rules, regulations, benefits, conditions of participation or rewards levels, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice, even though changes may affect the value of the Club CD Points already accumulated. The company may, among other things, withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any Special Offers; increase the points levels required to redeem any services and products; and modify or regulate the transferability of Club CD Points.
  2. Participation in Club CD - Clinic Dermatech’s Loyalty Points Program (the "Program") is subject to any terms and conditions, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures ("Program Rules") that the company may, at its discretion, adopt from time to time. The company has the sole right to interpret and apply the Program Rules.
  3. Each member shall be responsible for remaining knowledgeable as to the Program Rules and the amount of Loyalty Points in his or her account. The company shall attempt to advise active members of various matters of interest through such means as may be appropriate, such as account summaries etc., but the company shall have no liability for any failure to do so.
  4. The accumulation of Club CD Points and the redemption of those points are subject to specific Program Rules enacted by the company. Club CDPoints can be redeemed only at one of Clinic Dermatech's clinics in India on non-surgical skincare services and homecare products.
  5. The Clinic Dermatech Loyalty Points Program is maintained for the benefit and participation of individual clients only. Only individuals are eligible for points, and each client may maintain only one account. Duplicate accounts will be subject to cancellation.
  6. The company reserves the right to discontinue the membership of any client who uses the Program in a manner inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions. Discontinued membership may result in the loss of all earned Loyalty Points, benefits, and privileges.
  7. The company reserves the right to reward bonus loyalty points and make promotional offers selectively available to certain clients at any time, based on payment history and activity, geographic locations, program participation, or other factors determined at the company’s sole discretion.

Disclaimer : Results may vary from person to person depending on factors, such as; skin type, skin sensitivity, complexion and follow up of treatment and precautions taken before and after treatment.