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Permanent, Safe & Effective Laser Hair Removal

We all have faced unwanted hair. On the face, the arms, the legs, and here and there too. For years, those desiring hair-free skin have relied on shaving, waxing, epilators, hair removal creams and other methods. But these are not long-term solutions.

Think of a lifetime of no shaving and no waxing. A lifetime of wearing what you want, when you want without bothering about body hair. A lifetime of doing activities without worrying. No more stubble, bumps, ingrown hair or irritation!

Say goodbye to unwanted hair and welcome smooth skin with real results!

Laser Hair Reduction: Laser Hair Reduction is a simple treatment that destroys hair follicles in no time. It does not harm the top layer of the skin or the underlying tissues. It is safe for all skin colours and all age groups. Not only will you save time that is spent on hair removal process but also money at salons and beauty parlours.

Superbly Trained Professionals: Our therapists and professionals are trained by experts and are well-experienced. All the sessions are conducted under the direction of leading dermatologists and take place in a hygienic environment using the latest, new and state-of-the-art medically advanced lasers.

Time is a Premium: We understand that in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, you are pressed for time. Which is why we use the best lasers that give best results in the quickest of time. A session can take less than 20 minutes for an area like the underarms to an hour for say, the legs. So you will not be spending more time battling unwanted hair!

Easy on the Wallet: Laser Hair Reduction is touted as burning holes in the pocket. But visit us and you will be surprised to learn just how wallet-friendly it really is. Clinic Dermatech offers special plans for its clients so that they can enjoy smooth hair free skin.

We are here for you: So, visit any of our clinics and leave your worries of body hair to us and start enjoying the freedom of year-roundsilky smooth skin.

Customer Testimonials

I am pretty satisfied with the services offered and have recommended quite a few to Clinic Dermatech. Staff is very hospitable and warm

- By Punita Nagpal


About Us: Clinic Dermatech has many milestones to its name, a feat that has been achieved over the years owing to a definitive service approach and esteemed clientele. Clinic Dermatech has performed over 8,50,000 sessions of body shaping, 6,00,000 sessions of skin care management, and 10,00,000 session of laser hair reduction; numbers that are a testament to our superior services and excellent results.

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