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Routine Skin Care Our unique face therapies are designed
to keep your skin looking radiantly fresh,

Advanced Facial,
Signature Facial
Carbon miracle, Hylite
Photo Facial

  • Skin Specialist in East Delhi
    Absolute Cleanser

    Absolute cleanser cleanses the skin by removing dead cells, applied makeup and everyday dirt and dust…

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  • Skin Specialist in East Delhi
    Reviving Tonic Mist

    This alcohol free toner restores skin pH and whisks away impurities, leaving skin fresh and radiant…

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  • Dermatologist in Delhi

    Hydration+ preserves and enhances the benefits of skin care procedures…

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  • Acne scar treatment in Delhi
    Moisturising Sunscreen SPF30

    This high performance moisturising sunscreen with UV absorbers gives absolute UVA and UVB protection…

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  • Best Skin Clinic in Delhi
    Cooling Sunblock SPF50

    Ciel Sunblock provides superior broad spectrum protection against sun-burn and sun-tan…

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  • Dermatologist in Delhi
    Luminizing Body Butter

    This luminizing body butter melts effortless into skin to deliver intense and long lasting hydration…

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  • Platinum Radiance Cream

    Platinum Radiance Cream by Ciel whitens & illuminates skin. It further stops hyper-pigmentation…

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  • Skin Specialist in East Delhi
    Energizing Overnight Cream

    Natural active complex. Improves skin elasticity. Rejuvenates. Reduces effects of exposure and pollution…

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  • Lip Balm

    Ciel Nourishing Lip Balm provides intense moisturization and nourishment through Vitamin E and Coco Butter.

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*Results may vary from person to person

Advanced Skin Care

Acne / Pimples

Acne has many variations, such as pimples, black heads, white heads, zits, papules, pustules, nodules, cysts, acne rosacea, acne conglobata and acne scars. The skin regimen works by itself to cure acne in its mild form. However severe acne formation needs medical intervention. Acne can appear because of excessive sebum production, clogging of pores, accumulation of external/ internal toxin, lack of vitamins, improper diet, etc. Acne can appear on the face, chest, back and upper arms. Clinic Dermatech offers different technologies that are suitable for treating mild to most stubborn and active Acne.

Laser Helium Neon + I.R is the latest 'non-invasive' therapy, that treats acne and pimples. The He Ne beam scans the effected area and helps in reduction of acne / pimple growth. This is the most gentle and safe treatment suitable even for most sensitive skin with no side effects and minimum recovery time. This actually revitalises your skin, while treating acne and pimples.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) offers gentle, yet effective treatment for acne & pimples reduction with 'no side effects'. IPL Photo-rejuvenation technology improves the appearance of the skin, by treating broken capillaries and acne scars. IPL gently delivers precise amounts of light energy to the skin's surface, to stimulate the production of collagen, which improves the appearance of skin.

Erbium Yag laser is ideal for precise layer-by-layer ablation. It ensures prevention and early treatment of acne / pimples by opening the pores and cleaning the epidermis. It also offers an excellent treatment for complex cases of acne scarring.

Nd: Yag long pulse laser enables deep penetration and its homogeneous absorption in skin eradicates the bacteria in pores, while accelerating collagen regeneration. Thus, it effectively helps in prevention as well as reduction of acne / pimple inflammations.

Acne Scars / Stretch marks

How many times have you looked at your stretch marks and scars and dreamt of having them removed forever? At Clinic Dermatech, we have several customised treatments, which can be used to reduce them. Selection of the most appropriate technology from the following options depends on your treatment needs and the depth of marks & scars.

Beautytek uses the principle of natural stimulation of pulses operating within the body. The Stimulation of pulses with very low amperage (35-500 micro amps- below the pain threshold) gently reduces the stretch marks and also reduce other scars viz. acne and surgery.

Erbium Yag laser provides a safer, more precise and less painful method of restoring softer, smoother, more youthful skin. The Erbium Yag laser is more gentle to surrounding tissues than any other laser used for reducing scars and pregnancy stretch marks. Recent studies have shown that the Erbium laser stimulates the production of collagen, which leads to the tightening and smoothening of skin.

Wart / Moles / Keloids

CO2 laser delivers short bursts of high-energy laser beam, which vaporizes the undesired warts and moles one at a time, uncovering fresh skin underneath. CO2 laser has the ability to seal blood vessels simultaneously while cutting and vapourising. This ensures complete treatment, without any bleeding.

Rosacea / Unwanted Facial Redness

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) helps to reduce the redness and broken veins or thread veins. The light energy from IPL warms the collagen fibers in the skin, which stimulates new collagen remodeling. This helps in delaying further development of broken veins and thread veins.

Erbium Yag laser is specially designed for treating superficial skin problems. It reduces blushing, unwanted facial redness and accelerates the production of collagen - making it firmer.

Tattoo Removal

It’s possible that at some point in life, you would like to reverse the decision that led to your permanent tattoo. At Clinic Dermatech, we offer an effective solution. Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive treatment option that can safely remove permanent tattoos from any part of the body.

Our advanced Q-switched lasers work by shattering the pigment particles deep within the skin, allowing your own immune system to then scavenge and remove that pigment. Consequently as the tattoo fades in layers, multiple sessions are required for optimum results. At least 4-6 sessions are recommended, for all but the simplest of tattoos.

Spider veins / Varicose Veins

Though IPL and Nd:Yag laser can be used for these treatments, at Clinic Dermatech we have more specialised equipment for the removal of your spider veins / varicose veins. Our TC 3000 uses the thermo-coagulation technique that immediately removes varicula, the couperose and even the red points - while preserving the epidermis. All that remains is a small circular red mark, which too disappears in few days. The treated veins completely disappear within a matter of seconds. A single treatment is all that is needed -even for a large area.


Intense Pulse Light (IPL) can gradually fade and eliminate pigmented birthmarks while protecting the surrounding normal skin.

Nd:Yag Short pulse laser offers a dedicated and advanced laser treatment for all types of pigmented lesions including birthmarks. This is considered the most efficient, easy and non surgical alternative for treating birthmarks including vascular lesions and pigmented nevi. It is also suitable for the treatment of areas, that are hard to reach by other equipment e.g. nose, ears and areas around the eyes.

Nd:Yag Long pulse laser can also be used in conjunction with Nd:Yag short pulse laser, for supplementing the treatment of deeper pigmentation and vascular lesions.

Vitiligo (white patches) / Psoriasis / Eczema

Our advanced Vitiligo treatment with UVB technology uses a carefully focused beam of light. This therapeutic light is transported through a sophisticated device to deliver an intense dose directly to the affected area of Psoriasis and Vitiligo. This light stimulates the cells responsible for producing skin colour called melanocytes. For psoriasis, it corrects immunology, thereby clearing lesions. Until now there was no effective treatment available for these conditions - UVB technology is the first modality to offer an efficient treatment for Vitiligo / psoriasis.

Routine Skin Care

Advanced Facial

Our Advanced Facial is a comprehensive face therapy that brings a youthful long-lasting glow to skin. Skin is lightly polished and gently exfoliated to reveal firmer, smoother skin with a cleaner and brighter look. The nourishing mask applied thereafter, is chosen carefully to suit your specific needs to ensure the best possible results.

Advanced Facial is customized on the basis of the following types, to give you the best-looking skin possible:

  • For oily and combination skin
  • For normal and dry skin
  • For sensitive skin
  • For dull and visibly ageing skin

Dermatologist in South Delhi

This service should be repeated once every month, for a consistently radiant glow.

Duration: About 45 minutes

Downtime: You may resume regular activities immediately after the service.

Signature Facial

Simply put, our Signature Facial is an exclusive face therapy that combines the skin benefits of natural vitamins, with the latest result-oriented formulation techniques. After a light skin polish and mild exfoliation, uniquely effective solutions are massaged into skin gently. These solutions are chosen on the particular needs of skin, based on different skin types. The service is completed with the application of a mask, also customized to skin type, which provides intense and long lasting hydration.

Signature Facial is best suited and can be optimized accordingly, to the following skin types:

  • For oily and combination skin
  • For normal, dry skin
  • For sensitive skin
  • For dull, visibly ageing skin

Dermatologist in Delhi

This service should be repeated once every month, to enjoy ever fresh and youthful skin.

Duration: About 45 minutes

Downtime: You may resume regular activities immediately after the service.

Carbon Miracle

Clinic Dermatech’s exclusive Carbon Miracle face therapy is an advanced and effective science for Sparkling skin. This result-oriented science is a perfect mix of cutting edge technology and the power of activated carbon, to bring you long lasting solutions for almost all your skin worries.

Acne treatment in Delhi

An Advanced Cold Laser, when used with specially processed black Carbon and offers unparalleled benefits:

Whitening: Lightens spots and blemishes, enhances skin tone for a brighter look

Anti ageing: Tightens and tones skin, reduces wrinkles and age spots

Deep cleansing: Hydrates and nourishes skin, removed impurities

Improved Skin: Astringent for pores, prevents acne and removes blackheads

Duration: About 45 minutes

Downtime: You may resume regular activities immediately after the service.

Hylite Facial

Clinic Dermatech’s exlusive Hylite, is the most effective non-invasive and painless therapy for anti ageing, available in the world today. Using the Beautytek Light device from Germany, Hylite offers wrinkle treatment and skin rejuvenation, without the need for surgery or injections. This cold laser (low level laser) treatment allows for the specially developed Hyaluronic acid “Pure Hyaluron” to permeate skin smoothly, without a needle, restoring its natural tautness and youthful freshness. Skin looks and feels smoother, with visibly less wrinkles and an enhanced glow.

Hylite Facial is suitable for the following areas:

  • Face
  • Eye Area
  • Lips
  • Decollete
  • Neck, Neckline
  • Hands

Dermatologist in South Delhi

Hyaluronic Acid - A natural molecule

Hyaluronic acid (a polysaccharide) is present as a natural molecule in the body (skin, joints, cartilage, eyes) and contributes to maintaining its youthful functions. Hyaluronic acid’s exceptional moisture-storage capability is of very special importance for the skin, because it is able to bind larger volumes of water in relation to its dimensions (up to 6000 times its weight). Hyaluronic acid’s special water binding property firms and stabilizes the skin and re-nourishes it with lost moisture, elasticity and volume. The hyaluronic serum "Pure Hyaluron" which was specially developed for this procedure, possesses specially structured hyaluronic acid molecules which permeate deep into skin to give faster, long lasting results.

More details on the procedure itself:

Pores are opened by warming the skin through vaporizations or with warm compress and the specially developed anti wrinkle hyaluronic acid "Pure Hyaluron" is then massaged into the skin. After that, the cold laser (low level laser) beautytek light stabilizes and cross-links the "Pure Hyaluron" in the skin, where it creates a depot, giving almost immediate results.

Duration: About 45 minutes

Downtime: You may resume regular activities immediately after the service.

Photo Facial

The Number One Facial in the World! Resurfaces! Reduces Redness, Wrinkles & Large Pores. Non-Invasive. No Downtime. Immediate Results.

Do you think that the reflection you see in the mirror each morning matches the way you feel?

Many patients wish that there was a safe, easy and quick way to get rid of their red complexion, fine wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and large pores. Photo facial is one of our most exciting anti-ageing services. Photo treatment of the face and body produces even-toned skin that looks more youthful.

Photo facial can erase skin damage and treat a variety of skin conditions, such as:

  • Enlarged Pores
  • Dull Complexions
  • Uneven Pigmentation
  • Pigmented Freckles and Age Spots
  • Red Flushing Skin
  • Rosacea & Redness
  • Liver Spots
  • Fine lines & Wrinkles
  • Broken Capillaries
  • Sun & Smoke Damage
  • Veins
  • Mild Acne Scars

Breakthrough facial technology non-invasively, effective and affordably treats your skin with Photo Facial. Photo facial is performed through the use of Non-laser Intense Pulse Light technology.

IPL Photo-Rejuvenation improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin on the face and body by treating broken capillaries, age spots, sun-damage with brief treatments and not a moment of downtime. Using the advanced non-laser Intense Pulse Light technology, our skin therapists gently deliver precise amounts of light energy through the skin's surface to stimulate the production of collagen. As the new collagen forms, it softens the appearance of aging skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are decreased and the redness associated with rosacea and redness can be dramatically reduced. Photo facial treatments restore a more youthful appearance and improve skin texture without any downtime allowing you to return to work or leisure activities immediately. As the new collagen forms, it softens the appearance of aging skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are decreased and the redness associated with rosacea and redness can be dramatically reduced.

Duration: About 45 minutes

Downtime: You may resume regular activities immediately after the service.


Elume is an enhanced face therapy that combines the effect of Hyaluron and power of lights. The procedure involves a quick skin polish followed by aloe vera gel massage. Hyaluron serum is then gently massaged until complete absorption within the skin. Finally the application of Elume mask brings about a perfect finish. This unique therapy not only provides instant tightening and glow but also restores skin hydration and radiance. Biowhite: a substance with a unique combination of various plant extracts extensively helps in de-pigmentation.

Elume face therapy is best suited to the following skin types:

  • For oily and combination skin
  • For Normal/dry skin
  • For sensitive skin

Dermatologist in Delhi

    Key Benefits:

  • Instant Brightening
  • Instant Tightening
  • Anti aging and anti wrinkle solution

Duration: About 45 minutes

Downtime: You may resume regular activities immediately after the service.