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Clinic Dermatech, the pioneer in skin care, is now focused on spreading awareness on hair fall and the recent scientific advancements that help counter it. Whether you are at the beginning stages of hair loss, Clinic Dermatech offers treatments to effectively address your concerns and restore your hair to its most natural and full appearance.

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Advance Hair Restoration

Patented technologies in dermatology have helped usher in a new beauty revolution in India. There was a time when solutions for skin and related issues were sought only by the elite, and we are seeing this phenomenon repeating with hair fall as well. In the instances when people do act, it is a very delayed response and the damage is already at an advanced stage. Today hair loss is being seen as a silent yet growing global, which then leads to baldness and affects the appearance and confidence of men and women of various ages.

Advanced Hair Repair

PRP or "Platelet Rich Plasma" Therapy is a highly effective, clinically proven medical treatment for Hair Growth. It is a safe and natural procedure where plasma from one's own blood is used to catalyse hair growth.

Advanced Hair Transplant

What is Hair Transplant? In the simplest terms, Hair Transplant is the surgery in which hair is removed from the donor zone in the back of your head.

Advanced Hair Design

When it comes to a solution for hair loss, a common misconception is that the only way to achieve a full head of hair is by undergoing surgery. Clinic Dermatech, however, provides non-surgical hair.

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FUE hair transplant involves removing healthy hair follicles from donor area and inserting them one by one into the bald hair area of head.

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FUT is strip method. Doctors cut the full strip from back side of head, after cutting strip doctor take graft (group of 2-3 hairs) ony by one and implant to head bald area of patient.

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PRP Therapy

In PRP Therapy with a thin needle, your own PRP is injected into the scalp. Then the growth factors in your will improve and hair growth is naturally stimulated.

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Rishiraj Kashyap

As a matter of fact, I entered the clinic with numerous questions and waverings, however toward the end the treatment I ventured out with an extraordinary feeling of satisfaction. Here the specialists help the patient by their great treatment as well as by instructing the patient about FUE Hair Transplant Costs in Delhi. My involvement with Clinic Dermatech has been great. Everybody has been exceptionally useful and benevolent from the earliest starting point till the end.

Amar Goswami

Clinic Dermatech and their team were extremely caring and professional. From the initial consultation, I was made to feel at ease with them. The procedure went very well, everything was explained to me in detail. It's been 18 months since the transplant and honestly, I have gone from bald to a very decent hairline. I can't thank them enough for the brilliant work they have done, my hairline looks 100 % natural.

Mohan Singh

I am a fully satisfied client of Clinic Dermatech

Rohit Joshi

Amazing experience. Right from the first day, I was made to feel very comfortable. Everything was handled with professionalism and care. All my questions were answered and information was made available to me so that I had knowledge of how to treat my hair even after the procedure. After only 8 months the result are exceptional. I'm so glad I decided to go with Clinic Dermatech. I would highly recommend them to everyone!!

Ganesh Singh

It was a very nice experience and all staff was very friendly and supporting. Support staff was excellent. Lots of patience and they were always giving me information about all details. I would like to recommend them 100%. Very professional and warm people.

Meenu Sharma

It was really amazing results.Its definitely a 360* of science for body shaping.

Neha Ahuja

Excillent. I got very good result one of my known too.She was getting treatment from 15yrs in patna but not improved.but by treatment under dr Amrendra ,she improved alot in 6 months only.