Body Shaping

  • What is Beautytek? Beautytek is a non-invasive body sculpting technique using state of the art technology. It offers a safe and pain-free alternative to surgical body shaping procedures.
  • How does it work? A very low-frequency electrical impulse is passed into the body. As the stimulus is transferred to each specific area with the use of a variety of hand-held wands, the beautytek computer monitors the body's reaction so that the treatment is constantly adjusted to achieve energetic equilibrium, precisely calibrated for each individual at that point in time. In more detail:
    • Energy of varying extremely low frequencies and wave forms is applied to the body through a conductive hand-held wand. A signal is returned from the body and analysed by the beautytek computer, which selects the appropriate wave form and frequency for the therapeutic current entering the treated area
    • The computer continuously compares the therapeutic signal with the signal being returned from the body tissue. This signal carries information about the cell chemistry of each cell in the treated area
    • The computer analyses this information to determine the quantitative discrepancy between the two signals, adapts the wave form and frequency of the therapeutic current and passes it back to the body tissue via the hand-held wand. This happens continuously throughout treatment and is called a "bio-cybernetic circuit"
    • The treatment ends when the beautytek computer calculates that a physiological and energetic equilibrium has been achieved in the treated tissue.
  • What happens to the treated area? The energy transmitted into the tissue acts as a stimulus for a variety of body functions:
    • The body's energy levels are increased
    • Water and toxins stored in the cells are redistributed to the lymphatic pathways, which are stimulated to "flush" the waste products from the body
    • The water balance is readjusted and regulated
    • Fatty tissue is dehydrated
    • Fatty clusters are decomposed
    • Blood vessels are opened to increase blood flow (perfusion), oxygen levels in the blood and nutrients delivered to the tissue
    • The ion grid is re-established (ions are electrically charged particles responsible for a variety of chemical and electrical reactions in the body)
    • Active ingredients in the electrolyte gel are selectively absorbed into the body (this is called iontophoresis) as required
  • How soon will I see results? Results can be seen after a single treatment.A series of twelve treatments will typically show dramatic results.
  • How long do the results last? In terms of fat reduction, the effects are as permanent as any method of reducing fat, including surgery. Provided a sensible eating and exercise plan is followed, the treatment effects are permanent. In terms of breast lifting, studies have shown the effects of a course of treatments without any maintenance sessions can last anything between three months to a year.
  • How many treatments will I need? It is difficult to specify how many treatments a person will need, because the speed at which the body responds differs from person to person. However, we recommend that an initial course of 12 treatments is undertaken to optimise the result. Your experienced therapist will assess your individual needs at consultation.
  • How often do I need treatments? For optimal results we recommend two treatments a week, with at least one whole day in between (e.g. treatment on a Monday may then be followed on a Wednesday).
  • Can I have more than one area treated at a time? Yes. Treating two adjacent areas at the same time can have significant benefits. It is, however, often the case that treatment on one area will have positive benefits on other areas {YEAH BUT WE PREFER ONE AREA AT A TIME} (e.g. breast treatments frequently produce an improvement in the waistline).
  • Do I need any maintenance treatments? Once the desired result has been achieved, we recommend that maintenance treatments are undertaken every three to four months to ensure permanence. Your therapist will advise what is best for you.
  • What can I expect during a treatment? You will attend an initial consultation, during which your therapist will examine the area you wish to have treated to determine the most effective treatment plan for you. Your therapist will discuss with you what to expect during your first treatment and go through the treatment schedule.
    Before you have your first treatment, the therapist will take a series of digital photographs of the area being treated. You will then be asked to lie on a therapy couch and given a conductor to hold. The therapist will then wash the treatment area to remove any body creams that could affect the treatment. A specially formulated electrolyte gel will be applied to the treated area and the beautytek machine will guide the therapist through the treatment using images and instructions displayed on the monitor. The computer calculates when each treatment step is completed and automatically moves to the next step.
    The therapist will take a second set of digital photographs after your first treatment and then after every sixth treatment. You will be able to see any changes throughout your course as the comparative photographs are displayed side by side on the beautytek screen.
  • How long does a session last? Typically, a session will last around 60 minutes. The face and leg treatments are longer.
  • Are there any side effects? The most significant benefit of beautytek is that it achieves dramatic results comparable with invasive surgery but without the associated risks and side effects. beautytek treatments are conducted on the skin so no uncomfortable recovery period is required and no side effects have been reported.
    During and after treatment you may feel the urge to go to the toilet frequently. This is perfectly normal and indicates that the treatment is having a desired effect.
  • Will I feel any pain or discomfort? No. beautytek treatment is pleasant to undergo and completely painless. Some clients feel a slight tingling sensation at particular points in their treatment as the current passes through the wand. Clients undergoing facial treatments may experience a metallic taste in their mouth if they have any fillings. beautytek treatment will feel as though you have had a light massage and many clients have reported feelings of increased well-being and energy after their beautytek session.
  • Do I need to diet/exercise? Beautytek is effective without the need for strict diets or exercise plans. However, we do recommend that clients increase their intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, reduce the level of saturated fats in their diet and try to get 30 minutes of exercise a day. We ask all our clients to drink at least two litres of water a day, to keep the body properly hydrated, to flush out toxins and to help the client get the best result possible from their treatment.
  • Under what circumstances would I not be able to have the treatment? There are a few medical and physical conditions where beautytek treatment will not be administered. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, clients wearing a pacemaker, suffering from epilepsy or cancer will not be treated. Clients with large metal implants such as artificial hips cannot be treated in the area of the prosthesis, but it does not negate treatment of other areas. If you are feeling unwell, the energy levels in your body will be low, so you may not get the most out of your treatment. Your therapist will discuss any medication you are taking.
  • What are meridian lines? Over 5,000 years ago, the ancient Chinese discovered a subtle energy in the body that can't be seen, felt or found with the senses.
    The Chinese discovered and identified twelve acupuncture meridians along which this energy travels in the human body. Acupuncture meridians are like copper traces on an electronic circuit board, running throughout the body. They were named by the life function associated with them. To the majority of Western scientists, acupuncture meridians seem like imaginary structures because there are no published anatomical studies of the meridians in orthodox medical journals to substantiate their existence. They prefer to believe that nerve pathways constitute the true mechanism of acupuncture therapy. Meridians are the pathways of the positive and negative energy power, which carries on some of the communication between the various parts of human beings.
    Meridians connect specific teeth, organs, tissues, in fact, everything in the body. These have been measured and mapped by modern technological methods; electronically, thematically and radioactively.
    Through these meridians passes an invisible nutritive energy known to the Chinese as Ch'i. The Ch'i energy enters the body through specific acupuncture points and flows to deeper organ structures, bringing life-giving nourishment of a subtle energetic nature. Acupuncture points have unique electrical characteristics, which distinguish them from surrounding skin. These acupuncture points exist along the meridians. These points are electro-magnetic in character and consist of small palpable spots, which can be located by hand, with micro-electrical voltage meters and with muscle testing, when they are abnormally functioning.
    These 500 points, mapped and used for centuries to optimize human performance, are connections between the positive and negative meridians and functions of the body, including internal organs and muscles. These points are useful not only in treatment but also in diagnosis of disease states. Subtle magnetic Ch'i currents flowing through the acupuncture meridians are not electrical in nature, but they are able to induce secondary electrical fields that create measurable changes at the physical cellular level through the induction of secondary electrical fields. These induced electrical fields are translated into DC-current interactions from the higher energy meridians into the physical body and affect primary bio-electronic processes, which provide and maintain coherence within the physical-cellular structure. When the flow of life energy to a particular organ is deficient or unbalanced, patterns of cellular disruption occur. Imbalances in the meridians can be detected by feeling the pulses, but this can take up to 20 years to develop proficiently. Whereas, manual muscle testing will detect these same imbalances, utilizing the bodies intelligence to non-invasively let us know what is going on inside with relatively little practice.

Skin Care

Photo Facials
  • What are photo facials? Photo Rejuvenation is a non abrasive procedure using Intense Pulsed Light technology. Light energy is transmitted to the superficial and deep tissues, stimulating the production of collagen. It treats lesions on the surface and in the deep layers of the skin, correcting skin imperfections, easily and effectively.
  • What results can I expect? After only one treatment, your skin will have a more even tone with a smoother look and feel. Sunspots and frekles will fade. Pore sizes will shrink. Fine lines and wrinkles will gradually decrease in size. These improvements will steadily increase with each treatment. Patients with rosacea will see a progressive decrease in redness with every treatment.
  • What will recovery be like? Post-Photo Facial discomfort is almost nonexistent. After treatment with most light systems, the treated skin may appear a little flushed and capillaries may seem to be more visible. The flushed look soon fades away, and the capillaries appear to vanish, leaving the skin looking younger. It's that simple.
  • How do Photofacial treatments work? Today's new light technology delivers precise dosages of energy to the skin. During your treatment, light energy is gently delivered through a special handpiece to the targeted area. Levels of energy specific to your treatment are used to maximize your improvement. Once delivered, the light energy is absorbed by the targeted damaged tissue. Following any treatment, you should follow your home care instructions, avoid any harsh skin cleansers and always use sunscreen.
  • How many treatments will I need? Depending on the area treated, most clients need a series of approximately five treatments. Treatments usually take from 15 to 30 minutes. Treatments are spaced out at approximately three week intervals.
  • Does the procedure hurt? Most patients can hardly feel a thing while undergoing treatment. After ttreatment, the pain is minimal to nonexistent.
  • Who are the best candidates for IPL Photofacial Rejuvenation? The best candidates have:
    • Red, flushed faces or rosacea
    • Sun-damaged skin
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Enlarged pores. {ANYONE OVER 30 NWHO WILL HAVE NATURAL SUN DAMAGE and sun aging(everone!), Any one over35 who will (naturally) have less collagen in the skin and needs natural boost fr their own collagen reproduction SUN SPOTS AND FRECKLES- SUN DAMAGE,elaborate} basically its suitable and recommended fr everyone who is over35 so put it like that).
  • Are Photofacial treatments safe? Yes! Advanced light systems have been used safely for millions of treatments worldwide. These systems treat only the targeted tissues, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. However, some bruising or redness may occur.

Anti Ageing

  • What is Microdermabrasion? Microdermabrasion is a scientific method, using fine, inert (micro) crystals to progressively abrade the skin's surface. It is used for skin resurfacing and treating a range of skin abnormalities. This treatment has been used in Europe for years; now this exciting procedure is helping men and women in India experience remarkable improvements in their skin texture, regardless of skin color. With our Microdermabrasion skin treatment program, you can see immediate improvements in your skin's appearance. This unique approach removes dead and flaking skin cells and stimulates the production of fresh, young skin cells and collagen.
  • How does Microdermabrasion work and what results can I expect? Micro-crystals are vacuumed through a delicate hand piece, which is held at a precise angle to the skin, producing a skin-polishing peel. In as little as 30 - 40 minutes, this gentle abrasive technique efficiently produces satisfying results. Treatments are applied through a course of weekly sessions. Microdermabrasion enhances the skin’s condition by stimulating collagen production and does what no other available non-surgical treatment can do in combating the signs of aging skin. Most importantly, it is safe to use on all skin types and colors. Age spots and fine lines are reduced, pores are unclogged, acne is diminished, collagen is stimulated and a more uniform tone is evident. Most clients report that their skin is visibly softer, tighter, smoother and younger-looking, even right after their first treatment.
    Some physicians also see an improvement caused by collagen tightening on the layer of skin beneath the layer treated by microdermabrasion. This further reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles though the effect is temporary: microdermabrasion treatments must be repeated in order to sustain the effect.
  • How soon will I see results? You will notice an immediate improvement after your first treatment. Your skin will have a fresh pink glow and smoother texture. Improvements continue throughout your treatment program.
  • How long does a Microdermabrasion treatment take? Most facial microdermabrasion treatments take 40 minutes. Other areas may vary.
  • How many treatments will I need? Although fantastic results are achieved with the first session, a minimum of six treatments is recommended for long-lasting results. These treatments are usually preformed every two weeks. After the first six sessions, you should receive treatments once a month to maintain your youthful-looking skin.
  • Who should consider Microdermabrasion? Microdermabrasion is right for all skin types and for anyone interested in minimizing the appearance of: scarring, fine lines, pigmentation problems, uneven skin tones, dull, lifeless and sun-damaged skin.
  • What should I do after my treatment? Following your microdermabrasion treatment you may find that you experience skin peeling; and your skin therapist will recommend that you use a moisturizer and sun screen following the procedure. Like most of our non-invasive treatments, there is no downtime. You can resume your daily activities immediately after your Microdermabrasion treatment. It is recommended you avoid sun exposure on the streated area for at least 24 hours. Also, because your outer layer of skin has been exfoliated, the treated area will be sensitive to hot water and sweat for the first day.
  • Where is Botox Used? It is most effective for wrinkles that are visible when smiling, laughing, raising the eyebrows or for crows feet around the eyes. These wrinkles are called "dynamic" and tend to be much less noticeable when your face is completely relaxed. It also works well for bands (what are bands?) in the neck.
  • Am I a good candidate? The best candidates for the procedure are those between ages of 25 and 65. In many cases, wrinkles in people over 65 are "static" and do not change when relaxing the face. Other procedures would work better for these patients. Each person is different however, and should undergo a consultation determine the most effective treatment plan.
  • How is Botox Administered? A very small amount of Botox is injected into each or the target areas using a very small needle. Because the needle is fine, only a small amount of the liquid is injected and the associated discomfort is minimal. Most patients compare the sensation to light pinch. No sedation or local anesthetic is necessary and you can resume normal activities immediately afterwards.
  • Are the injections painful? The injections are very small and done with a tiny needle that usually does not cause discomfort. The pressure sensation associated with the injection goes away very quickly and patients can return to normal activities immediately after the procedure.
  • When will I notice the difference and how long will it last? The treatment takes three to eight days to take full effect which sometimes can be hastened by contracting the facial muscles. The results usually last from 3 to 5 months. Often, repeated treatments can lead to longer results. The effects of Botox Cosmetic are confined to the treatment sites.
  • What happens as treatment begins to wear off? As the Botox Cosmetic wears off the wrinkles will begin to reappear but frequently they are not as deep or noticeable. To maintain the smooth, youthful appearance year round, it requires three to four injections. With repeat treatments, the effects tend to last longer thus requiring fewer injections.
  • Is there any downtime? No. Most people return to work or normally activities immediately following treatment. It is recommended however, that you avoid exercise, heavy lifting and massaging the injected area injected for one day.


Ciel Skin Care
  • What is Ciel? Ciel is a range of premium skincare products by Clinic Dermatech. It is the result of our understanding of beautiful skin, combined with the most advanced research and medical expertise. These products integrate extensive research done in the US, with the latest techniques to achieve a perfect blend of herbs, oils, flowers and fruit extracts to pamper your skin.
  • What can users expect from Ciel? Instantly, skin is softer and luxuriously smoother. Ciel helps in unlocking the true potential of skin, when used consistently and in conjunction. All the products work very well together as part of a comprehensive skincare routine to enhance skin tone and texture, promoting overall skin health.
  • Are your products suitable for oily skin too? Yes. All the products are noncomedogenic i.e. they do not block skin pores. Even with oily skin it is essential to keep hydrated, moisturized.
  • Can I use Ciel products if I have rosacea? Absolutely. The fact of the matter is that rosacea can be triggered by anything, and the only way to truly know is to try the product. Ciel products, with added anti-irritants, are absolutely fine for people with rosacea and sensitive skin.
  • Will these products help with the appearance of enlarged pores? Yes. The appearance of enlarged pores is caused by dirt and debris getting trapped inside pores. The combination of Ciel’s Absolute Cleanser, Reviving Tonic Mist And Pro Anti-Ageing Mask helps to exfoliate skin and gets rid of any build up in pores, to visibly reduce pore size.
  • With use, can I expect a more even skin tone? Yes, Ciel products will assist in evening out skin tone. Ciel Platinum Radiance Cream is especially helpful as it is rich in Vitamin C.
  • How soon will I see results? As with most processes, results of good skin care are seen over time. However, many users report that skin feels perceptibly smoother and softer to touch, after just one application of our nourishing products. Consistent use greatly enhances the permanence of results.
    Those with more sensitive skin may benefit from using certain products such as our Ciel Platinum Radiance Cream or Ciel Age Reversal Formula every other day initially, until their skin acclimates to it.
  • Do whitening products really make a difference? Absolutely. Ciel Whitening Face Wash and Ciel Platinum Radiance Cream are specially formulated to whiten and illuminate skin from within. They are enriched with powerful antioxidants that are proven to lighten and balance skin tone naturally, gently.
Ciel Hair Care
  • 1. How is Ciel’s Advanced Hair Care range different from other available products? This combination of three products is a complete solution for dry and frizzy hair. Their regular use helps in making hair strong, soft and shiny. Ciel Hair care products are a combination of natural actives like Keratin and Pro Vitamin B5 that work on reconstruction of hair rather than providing temporary softness and luster. This ensures a long lasting benefit that truly sets us apart.
  • 2. Can I use Ciel’s Advanced Hair Care range if I have Oily Hair? Oily hair can be of two kinds, depending on the nature of the scalp along with the hair. If you have an oily scalp then you should use shampoo on both scalp and hair, while the Conditioner and Hair mask should be applied only along the hair. In case both, scalp and hair are inherently oily, the use of Shampoo is recommended. Also in this case, the conditioner can be used sparingly along the length of hair, as and when required.
  • 3. What is the difference between the Ciel Conditioner and Ciel Hair Mask? The use of Ciel Conditioner helps to make hair soft, more manageable and easier to comb/style. At a basic level, conditioner helps to restore the pH balance of hair after using shampoo. The Ciel Hair mask is a combination of oils and natural actives that aids in reconstruction of hair, which helps in avoiding further breakage of hair and split ends. Shampoo/Hair mask combination may be used instead of the Shampoo/Conditioner combination after every 3rd or 4th wash.